Angela's Story

In January 2015, with encouragement from family and friends, I launched CurlyCoilyTresses, LLC to fill a marketplace void – fragrance, scent and masking agent free hair care products! My path to CurlyCoilyTresses came after 26 years in corporate America and 2 years struggling with allergies. Fragrance was included in my lengthy list of allergens. While I identified suitable alternatives for body and face care, I had great difficulty in identifying hair care options for my naturally curly hair. Understand hair care products almost universally contain fragrance. In the US, 96% of shampoos, 98% of conditioners and 97% of hair styling products contain fragrance. Approximately 10% to 15% of US dermatology patients are diagnosed with fragrance sensitization.  And, 2%-11% of Americans are diagnosed with fragrance allergy. (Source: I also evaluated Canadian and British products and was still not completely satisfied. Resulting, beginning in March 2014, I started crafting my own hair products. And, beginning in January 2015, I began offering my products for retail sale.  I have spent a significant amount of time researching ingredients and formulations and feel I have crafted an amazing product offering equally beneficial women, men and children. All products are fragrance, scent and masking agent free. I have chosen recipes with the fewest ingredients needed to accomplish optimal results on fine to coarse natural and chemically-enhanced textures while minimizing chances of other allergic responses. My products are pH balanced, deeply moisturizing, and hydrating.  I avoid synthetic ingredients, parabens, dyes, chemicals, harsh preservatives and phthalates. My initial two products are available now: Defining & Replenishing Moisturizing Hair Leave In and Defining & Replenishing Moisturizing Hair Treatment. Other products are forthcoming.

Feel free to deeply indulge!

Angela Fields

Chief Creative Officer, Chief Executive Officer

CurlyCoilyTresses, LLC