Indie Business Network Makers On The Move - June 2017

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Let's Talk Natural Hair Interview - March 2016

Let's Talk Natural Hair's founder, Teresa Parler started her own natural hair journey in December 2010. She transitioned for almost an entire year before completing her own big chop in December 2011. Read her interview of Angela Fields here:

Let's Talk Natural Hair Interview.

Naturally Curly Video, Giveaway - March 2016

When confronted with new hair care products, naturals with sensitive skin often contend with feelings of uncertainty. Choosing a leave-in that may or may not contain harsh chemicals and overwhelming fragrances is a matter of high anxiety, and dry lifeless curls. In the wake of the curly movement, an unscented, fragrance-free leave-in moisturizer has revolutionized Holy Grail collections!

The CurlyCoilyTresses Babassu Coconut Oat Moisturizing Leave In (now known as Defining & Replenishing Moisturizing Hair Leave In) was created to help curlies rejuvenate and nourish their curls without fear of skin and scalp irritation. Since no curly wants to feel uncomfortable in her own skin, masking agents have been eliminated and only highly effective, premium ingredients that hydrate, moisturize and define hair are left.

A mix of exotic oils and butters such as babassu, coconut, and avocado make this leave-in a must-have for naturals of all curl patterns, and low to high hair porosity. This gentle, pH balanced formula is fortified with antioxidant Vitamin E T-50, and supports cuticle integrity and scalp health for all hair types.

Enter our giveaway today to revolutionize your curls!


5 lucky winners will win their own CurlyCoilyTresses Babassu Coconut Oat Moisturizing Leave In (now known as Defining & Replenishing Moisturizing Hair Leave In). All you have to do is comment below telling us why you'd like to win!  Go to Naturally Curly to comment and enter!

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This giveaway ends March 25, 2016 and is open to U.S. residents only, as per our Terms and Conditions.

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Risas Rizos Product Review - March 2016

RocĂ­o (pronounced ro-SEE-oh) of RisasRizos is a self-proclaimed Curly Girl, YouTuber, Christian, Latina, daughter, sister, overthinker, food lover, social media influencer, adventurer, member of the Who Dat Nation and blogger!

For the last month, Rocio has been using and evaluating CurlyCoilyTresses products.  Read her incredible review here:

CurlyCoilyTresses product review.

Reviews, Chews & How-Tos Product Review / Giveaway - March 2016

Reviews, Chews & How-Tos Product Review, Giveaway