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5 tips for moisturized hair

Curls not staying moisturized? Or not staying moisturized for more than 2-4 days?

We can help!

Here are 5 tips for moisturized hair:

1. Apply moisturizing products to just shampooed, water-saturated hair that's still dripping water while you're still in the shower! 

Yes, it makes a difference!

The pH of shampoo gently lifts your cuticles and your hair is most receptive to product and water penetration when your cuticles are lifted. Water temperature isn't the gatekeeper of your cuticles! pH is! Yes, I said it!

This is step 1 to moisturized hair!

 2. Know your porosity!

Porosity is a measure of how well your hair absorbs and retains moisture. Knowing your porosity is key to eliminating dryness. Take the free quiz on our website to determine yours.

You'll also receive product recommendations and be well on your way to moisturized hair.

 3. Wrap, cover and protect pineappled hair nightly!

Cotton is very drying and dehydrating to hair. Cotton shortens the life span of your hairstyle, pulls moisture from hair and causes tangles.

Protect pineappled hair with a silk or satin bonnet or scarf nightly.

 4. Keep ends trimmed!

Damaged and split ends can move up the hair shaft. Trim ends every 4-6 weeks to protect your hair.

 5. All hair types require protein! Yes, I said it!

Some feel their hair is sensitive to protein and tend to avoid it. But your hair is mostly keratin protein and protein is required for healthy hair.

Still not convinced?

Protein mistake #1: Finishing your wash day with a deep protein treatment can leave your hair feeling matted, mushy and tangled! Always follow protein treatments with moisture treatments! Have you experienced this?

Protein mistake #2: Thinking only 1 or 2 types of protein exist! Many different types of protein exist. If you feel a particular protein had a negative effect try a different protein treatment until you find one that works. Many different kinds exist.

Protein mistake #3: Thinking all proteins are equal! Certain proteins penetrate into hair and others coat the surface of hair. The condition of hair determines the best protein treatment. You may need to try a few different protein treatments until you find your ideal treatment.

Good to know: Protein works twice as hard to moisturize your hair! It 1.) bonds to hair and 2.) grabs and retains water in hair! It's just that important to your hair! Who knew?




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