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Addressing product build up

Let’s be real. Product buildup on your hair is not attractive. But more than that, product buildup can cause your hair to look and behave frizzy and dry because moisture and hydration are not penetrating the hair shaft, can cause your hair to shed or break excessively, can cause flakiness as the build up flakes off, and can cause harm over the long term through scalp occlusion. 

If you are encountering product build up, try these tips.

Use pH-appropriate shampoo

Incorporate a pH-appropriate shampoo into your wash day regimen, especially so if you primarily co-wash or have low porosity hair. Depending on your normal regimen, a clarifying shampoo may be needed. Clarifying shampoos are specifically formulated to remove product build up. It's important to note, vinegar has a fairly low pH of 3-4 and can not serve as an effective clarifier. Effective clarifiers have higher pH's in the range of 5-7.

Practice build up busting regimens

Prevent product build up from even occurring by avoiding silicone products and relying solely on co-washing with the combination of low porosity hair. With low porosity hair, your cuticles remain closed and products do not have an opportunity to penetrate your hair shaft. pH-appropriate shampoos will open your cuticles and allow product penetration.

When you find a way to prevent buildup from even occurring, you’ll find that your curls are more shiny, bouncy, and soft.



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