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Big natural hair care trends

Want to be the Belle of the Ball at your next big celebration? There are some gorgeous trends circulating through the natural hair community that you can use to really stand out and shine the next time you step out.

Don’t forget the red pumps to kick up your new eye-popping look.

Mega curls

You don’t need a trend to tell you that big, rockin’ waves are gorgeous. There are few things more beautiful than a woman who embraces her BIGNESS - whether that’s her curls, her heart, her passions, her personality or anything else. But it’s nice when the trend lines up with what we already love. To kick your curls into high gear, use a texturized styling product. And don’t be afraid of some well-placed extensions.

Hair accessories

“Put a bird on it,” is no longer just a phrase from Portlandia. More and more women are embracing accessories, flowers, headbands and other embellishments to make their hair really stand out. To make the most of this trend, find a piece you love and want to show off. Tease your curls until you have a big canvas to work with, and start “decorating” your gorgeous head of hair.


Just because you love your natural curls doesn’t mean you can’t embrace a little something extra to make them pop. Bright, 3D colors are very popular right now for good reason. There are so many safe and temporary color products on the market that you can find a color to love for a day or a week without damaging your hair.

Whatever trends you choose to try, we hope you know you are beautiful just as you are!

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