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Cotton is your kryptonite to moisturized hair!

Cotton is your kryptonite to moisturized hair! It's drying and dehydrating to hair, causes tangles and damage and shortens the life of your style. 

A silk or satin scarf, bonnet or pillowcase are all great options to protect your hair from cotton. And nightly "pineappling" of your hair will help in preserving the fullness of your styles.

Silk is made from fibers produced by silkworms and is more expensive than satin. It's incredibly soft, luxurious, breathable and comfortable and has a shimmering appearance.

Satin is a type of weave and is made from rayon, nylon, polyester or charmeuse. It has a glossy appearance and is more affordable than silk. It's also a vegan alternative.

Either way, silk or satin ensures more moisture, hydration and protection and less frizz!

Choose the best option for you!



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