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Creative hair styles

Whether the weather is warm or cool, humidity can make it feel miserable. But while we feel clammy and uncomfortable in humidity, our hair generally loves it! Humidity can help natural hair stay moisturized throughout the day, improving softness and texture. But sometimes the high humidity can result in frizz. 

Have you ever left the house with a full, beautiful twist out and watched as it slowly withered away in the heat? There’s nothing wrong with shrinkage. It just means your hair is drinking up all the moisture. But it’s inconvenient when you’re hoping to rock a twist out for a few days and end up with something that’s - not quite what you were aiming for.

Rather than layer on holding gels and styling creams, you can embrace a few styles that can manage the humidity and stay gorgeous all day long.

These 3 hairstyles stand up well to humidity.

Crown or halo braids 

Crown braids are a beautiful humidity-defying hairstyle. They are versatile, can go from work to play to special occasion, and they always look sweet and elegant. They are also a great way of getting your hair out of your face (so it doesn’t stick to your skin) and keeping your ends protected. Hello length retention! Check out this simple tutorial. Once you have the technique down, try these 21 beautiful versions.

The ultimate humidity-defying style, braids will give you a new look and one less thing to worry about. They are perfect for beach vacations and give you the freedom to enjoy your time without stressing about your hair. Keep your scalp nourished while in braids with our Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil Serum.

Bantu knots are for the bold! If you're attending a festival or something that has you outdoors for a long time, Bantu Knots can easily resist humidity and are a fun look. You can make them small or add some extensions and make them chunky - it's up to you. Take it up a notch with beads or even some color!

Whatever style you choose, don’t let the sun take away your shine!



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