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Defined twist outs every time

At CurlyCoilyTresses®️ we love to see you rock those gorgeous curls (obviously!).

But sometimes you want to mix up your style and try a classic twist out. The beauty of a twist out is the versatility it offers. You can make tiny twists, pencil twists, or large twists. Add some color or keep your natural hue. However you want to rock it, a twist out is your friend.

Which is why we wanted to take some time today to help you get the perfect twist out look - every time!

4 common twist out mistakes (and how to fix them)

Resist adding to much product

Excess product will extend your dry time and could potentially cause stiff hair and flaking. A partial rinse might be required to recover the style. Or you may need to switch to a wash + go or updo. Target the optimal amount of product to get soft, supple curls and amazing styles every time.

Twisting dry and dehydrated hair 

Properly moisturized and hydrated hair with trimmed ends always results in sleeker styles. Practice healthy hair regimens daily and you'll be much closer to getting the poppin' twist outs you desire! 

Removing twists with partially damp hair

Taking any style down with still damp hair will fall short of your goals. Twists must be fully dry for the most defined results. As an extra note, if you use heat to dry your hair, make sure you allow your hair to cool before untwisting your twists. If you take your hair out while the curls are still warm, you may miss damp spots.

You skip the bedtime routine

For many, retwisting nightly adds to the longevity of the style. For many, this crucial step can be the difference between a twist out lasting a day or a week. The retwisting process is much less time-intensive than the original twisting process. Once you’ve retwisted your curls, be sure to wrap, cover and protect your hair with silk or satin.



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