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Eat densely

We know you already care for your hair by choosing CurlyCoilyTresses®️ products to keep your curls moisturized and soft. But there’s more you can do to keep your hair in tip-top shape - and for that matter, to keep your skin, nails, and body in their best shape. And that’s by eating whole, nutritionally dense foods.

When it comes to eating healthy foods, nothing beats a salad. Salads can be packed with vitamins and a variety of nutrients that improve your hair, skin and nails. Dark leafy greens are rich in Vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant and can boost skin’s firmness and elasticity. Orange vegetables, such as bell peppers and carrots, contain beta-carotene and can reduce the signs of aging on the skin and strengthen hair follicles. 

When salads are basic, they’re boring. But when you punch them up, they can be delicious. Here are some fun and simple ways to spruce up your salads so you’ll never have to eat another “meh” salad again. 

Buy fresh vegetables - This seems like a no brainer, but when making salads, a small difference in quality can make a big difference in flavor. Be on the lookout for when your grocery store gets fresh vegetables and buy them at that time. You can also check out a weekend Farmers Market, since their produce will always be fresh. 

Add some fruit - Vegetables shouldn’t get to have all the fun. Apples, orange slices, strawberries, grilled pineapples, grapes, and mangos all work really well in salads. Fruit adds a burst of sweetness and (depending on the fruit) a nice crunch as well. As an extra benefit, a salad with fruit will usually need less dressing, making it an even healthier option.

Grains are your friend - One easy way to take a light lunch salad and make it a hearty dinner salad is with the addition of grains. Quinoa, couscous, brown rice, and barley can give your salad substance and keep you fuller longer. 

Top it off - Put a finishing touch on your salad by topping it with crushed nuts like almonds, cashews or walnuts. These healthy fats will help you stay fuller longer and will add a nice crunch. You can also add sultanas, raisins or pitted and chopped dates for a nice sweet surprise in every bite. 

Dress it up - You don’t have to settle for store-bought dressings. By making your own, you can get creative with flavor and have a healthier salad. For a super basic salad dressing, remember the 3 to 1 ratio: 3 parts fat and 1 part acid. Fats can include avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil, etc. Acids include lemon, orange, vinegar, white wine, etc. If you want a more complex, creative option, follow this guide.

Experiment with your food, try new combinations, and fall in love with your lunch again!



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