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For best results follow these guidelines | 5 day recap

For the best styling results follow these guidelines | 5 day recap

September 1, 2019 by Angela Fields

For The Best Results Follow These Guidelines | 5 Day Recap

Day 1

1. Apply moisturizing styling products to water saturated hair
2. Wrap, cover & protect pineappled hair with silk or satin

Day 2

1. Product penetration requires open cuticles & results in game changing moisturization & hydration
2. pH appropriate product will open cuticles, not water temperature

Day 3

1. Normal hair pH is 4.5-5.5
2. Products applied to closed cuticles will sit on top of hair while products applied to open cuticles will penetrate hair
3. Co-washing can be a high porosity strategy while shampooing can be a low porosity strategy; shampooing low porosity hair prevents product build up on top of hair

Day 4

1. Hair is mostly protein & requires protein from diet & products for optimal health
2. Protein product should always be followed by a moisturizing product (prevents mattifying, tangling, & 'mushy' hair feeling)
3. Optimal protein types varies between individuals; may need to try different types of protein before finding your ideal protein
4. Enrich + Nourish have hydrolyzed oat protein which is a hygroscopic humectant (grabs & retains water in the hair shaft), film former (coats hair), & porosity filler (fills hair gaps); hygroscopic humectant counters water loss; ads luster & helps in reducing breakage; softens & smooths hair

Day 5

1. When detangling work in sections & keep already detangled hiar isolated by clipping or loosely twisting (otherwise will retangle from shrinkage)
2. Tighter curl patters require wet detangling with products with slip
3. Stretch hair down (helps in removing shed hairs) & finger detangle beginning with the ends & working up to the roots; repeat with a wide tooth comb
4. If encountering friction switch to frictionless or wooden combs & brushes



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