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Going natural brings out the bold!

There’s something about going natural for the first time that brings out the bold! 

You know how women often get haircuts before or after major life events? The saying goes, “When a woman cuts her hair, she is about to change her life,” and the same can be said for going natural.

Whether you’re newly natural and you decide to go all in with a big chop or you ease into it with transitioning for a couple of months, and even if you’ve been natural for years and are just recommitting to your love of your locks, you know about this boost. 

And with that boost of confidence can come an urge to reinvent yourself in other ways  - one of those ways is through your fashion choices. For new naturals who may feel “naked” without their usual long hair, bold fashion choices can give them a bit of a mask to hide behind until they feel confident enough to step out on their own. For established naturals, bold statement pieces can be an extension of their personality.

Here are some fun, bold ways to kick your style and creativity up a couple of notches.

If you want to go glam: Try big, bold earrings or statement necklaces. These pieces bring attention to the face and can make you feel a bit less “naked". Trendy sunglasses and fun colorful makeup choices are other ways to accessorize and bring a “glam” vibe to your next social event.

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If you want to be trendy: Try a headwrap! Headwraps have been around for centuries and are certainly not new, but having natural hair seems to encourage people to try them out. There’s a wide array of style options - from different prints and colors to fun styling options. We love this headwrap tutorial by Fusion of Cultures on YouTube. Some businesses even sell headwraps that are already tied into beautiful styles for your convenience!

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If you want to be experimental: Try a new hairstyle. Changing your hair is a fun way to try on new personas and feel out different sides of your personality. Where you may have felt hesitant or limited in styling choices before going natural, you now have a new texture to play with and more opportunities to get creative. Naturals can play with dimensions, height, and volume to create show-stopping, head-turning styles.

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If you want to be artsy: Play with color! We know you have limited options for chemicals and dyes, but there are some non-toxic, vegan temporary hair dyes that you can use to rock bright, beautiful colors. Check with your local beauty supplier to find a brand you’ll love. You can also play with fun colors in your clothing, accessories, and makeup. 

All of this is to say, have fun with your hair and your styling. Expressing yourself with your hair is only the beginning. Just be sure to nurture your hair before you try any serious styles or colors. Our Nourish treatment is a great way to keep your curls soft, silky, and ready for all your fashion adventures!



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