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How much hair loss is normal?

Do you often lose hair throughout the day? Does your shower drain look like you cloned yourself?

A certain amount of hair loss is normal and expected, about 50-100 hairs daily. Beyond that and especially if ongoing for months, it could be a sign that something is wrong. 

Some of the most common reasons for excessive hair loss include:

Certain drugs and medications: Check the "prescription information" sheet that's included with your prescription and look for hair loss in the "side effects" area. If hair loss is listed, consult with your doctor to determine if an alternative medication is available. Consultation with a dermatologist and lab tests (to determine hormone, vitamin and mineral levels) and scalp biopsies may also be needed.

Harsh hair care products: Harsh and harmful ingredients found in hair care products can contribute to hair loss. Look for hair care products marketed as "clean" as they are less likely to contain harsh and harmful ingredients. Also check your ingredient lists and research ingredients using sources like Think Dirty, EWG Healthy Living, Dirty Dozen, EWG Skin Deep, NonGMO Shopping Guide or EWG Food Scores.

Harsh hairstyles or techniques that "pull" on your hair: Tight hairstyles and hairstyling techniques (that "pull" on your hair) as well as excessive direct heat and harsh chemicals can contribute to hair loss. Choose hairstyles and hairstyling techniques that are gentle, don't "pull" or require direct heat or harsh chemicals. Examples include wash and goes, twist outs, flat twists or styles with flex-irods, curlformers or perm rods. Deep condition as needed. For some creative deep conditioning alternatives grab my "4 Ways To DIY Deep Condition™️" here.

Stress: Extended durations of stress can negatively impact your health in so many ways, and our hair isn't excluded. Cortisol, the stress hormone, negatively impacts normal follicle functions. The follicle is the root of your hair. Find ways to mitigate stress like meditating and fitness.

Poor Nutrition: All hair types require both moisture and protein, as well as vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. Your hair is about 80% keratin protein and requires protein from diet, supplements and hair care products. And since hair isn't required for life, your body will prioritize core health functions over hair. This means your hair will be shortchanged if you're not consuming adequate nutrition. Be sure you're consuming a balanced diet and supplement as needed. Consult with a nutritionist as needed. Grab my "19 Superfoods That Will Grow Your Hair™️" here.

Cotton pillowcases: Protect your hair nightly from cotton. Cotton is both drying and dehydrating to hair, causes tangles, damages the cuticle and shortens the life of your style. Protect your hair nightly from cotton. A silk or satin scarf, bonnet or pillowcase are all great options to protect your hair. And nightly "pineappling" of your hair will help in preserving the fullness of your style.

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