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To wrap or not to wrap

Do you wrap your hair before you go to bed at night? If so, you already know how much a silk or satin scarf can improve your hair’s texture and shape in the morning. But did you know that wrapping your hair isn’t just for bedtime? You can wrap your hair during the day to protect your edges while still showing off your curls or after a shower to make sure your hair dries in the perfect shape.

Here are some of our favorite wraps, as well as some resources to help you get the perfect look.

Wet Wrap

This is a great way to protect your hair after a shower. Rather than using a blow dryer, which can damage your curls, you can wrap damp hair in a scarf. Once your hair is wrapped, allow it to dry naturally.

The Pineapple

You may already be familiar with this popular wrapping technique. The Pineapple wrap is perfect for protecting your hair at the gym or looking cute on a day when your twist out is starting to look a little faded. Here's a step-by-step tutorial to walk you through it.

Turban Wrap

Unlike a Pineapple wrap, a Turban wrap completely envelops your hair. It’s an elegant and creative way to protect your hair when you don’t want to set your curls free.

Here are a few more fashion-forward ways to show off your wrapped hair.

And here too!

Pro Tips to Get The Best Wrap

Choose the right wrap: Whenever possible, choose a silk or satin scarf. It’s best to get a scarf that’s at least 18” wide so you’ll have some room to fold the scarf to your desired size. Whenever possible, choose a square scarf since they’re the most versatile.

Keep it loose: Of course, you need to wrap it tight enough that your curls don’t fall out, but a very tight wrap can pull on your hair, leading to breakage and potential hair loss.

Use a wide-toothed comb: Wide-toothed combs help prevent split ends and breakage when you part and detangle your hair pre-wrap.

No matter the reason for wrapping your hair, a headscarf can be a beautiful way to care for your natural curls and get a bit of extra wear out of your tresses.



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