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Why I launched

So I received my first chemical hair relaxer when I was in the 5th grade. And I promptly lost A LOT of hair. But I continued relaxing. After about year I swore off chemicals as dangerous and returned to the dreaded pressing comb.

There I stayed until college. I wanted to wear all the cute styles but Florida's humidity had other plans. Cute styles don't look so cute after humidity self-invites.

So I returned to chemical relaxers hoping to overthrow humidity's reign! And for the most part relaxers won.

But what I still didn't understand was the dangerous nature of chemical relaxers.

A licensed cosmetologist spilled chemical relaxer on my face. You may be thinking and... Just so you know, it doesn't eventually heal like your scalp with oozing eventually followed by crusting eventually followed by healing. Nope. Chemical relaxer on your face requires chemical burn treatment with silvadene cream, bandages and sunlight avoidance! For an entire week! While living in the sunshine state. 

This should've been my wake up call. But I slept through the alarm.

Maya Angelou said, "...when you know better, do better.

Natural is better. But it hasn't been a direct path to bliss and enlightenment. It's been a curvy path with craters, rock slides and wilderness.

But I found my way. And you can too!

I share my expert advice for getting lasting moisture, maximum length and luscious curls. 

Join our signature Love Your Curls Challenge™️ or grab our signature Curl Gems™️. You'll get the knowledge you need to live your best curl life ever!

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