CurlyCoilyTresses®️ keeps your natural curls moisturized 7 days straight!


Angela Fields, CEO, Creator

"I had chemical relaxer on my face!

The licensed cosmetologist dropped her brush and spilled relaxer on my face! And she didn't use neutralizing shampoo over the entire, affected area!

I had to undergo chemical burn treatment with silvadene cream. BTW, silvadene can't be exposed to sunlight and must be covered in bandages.

If I hadn't yet realized the dangers of chemical relaxers, this should've been a wake-up call.

I’ve had chemical burns on my scalp before. It feels like slices when washed, then oozes, crusts over and eventually heals, over a 5-7 day period. 

Not true for the face! I know better now.

Still I hesitated transitioning from chemicals as I was anxious about styling and caring for my natural hair. 

Just like you, all I knew was hot pressing combs, chemical relaxers and jheri curls.

I didn’t want anyone else continuing exposure to dangerous chemicals, especially when clean, safe products and the best tips and techniques for natural hair care are readily available!

CurlyCoilyTresses®️ will keep your natural curls moisturized 7 days straight!

Its all natural, signature blend transforms your dry, breaking, shedding hair into soft, healthy, strong and growing curls leaving you looking and feeling amazing every single day!

Ready for something better? Get started by taking the quiz: What’s the easiest way to get 7 days straight of moisturized natural curls?"

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Angela Fields, CEO, Founder CurlyCoilyTresses
CurlyCoilyTresses Affiliate program

Why CurlyCoilyTresses®️ is right for you

"All natural, signature blend transforms your dry, breaking, shedding hair into soft, healthy, strong and growing curls leaving you looking and feeling amazing every single day!"

Angela Fields, CEO, Creator


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Here's just 1 more thing!

CurlyCoilyTresses affiliate program
CurlyCoilyTresses affiliate program


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates cosmetics (including hair care) under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act). 

The FD&C Act defines cosmetics by their intended use, as "articles intended to be rubbed, poured, sprinkled, or sprayed on, introduced into, or otherwise applied to the human body for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness, or altering the appearance".

The FD&C Act defines drugs by their intended use, as "articles intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease" and "articles (other than food) intended to affect the structure or any function of the body of man or other animals".

Why is the distinction between cosmetics and drugs important?

Products manufactured and sold by CurlyCoilyTresses®️ are cosmetics and no drug claims can be made about them.

Real world examples of violations are claiming CurlyCoilyTresses®️ products will cure baldness, grow extraordinary lengths of hair in days, cure split ends, prevent hair loss from chemo and radiation, etc.

Any Affiliates in violation of governing laws will be removed from the Affiliate program.

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CurlyCoilyTresses affiliate program

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Once your application has been submitted and email and text confirmations are completed, you'll receive a 4 email series over the next 4 days. 

On the 4th day, the email will request you click a button to confirm your understanding of the role of the FDA. You must click this button to complete the process.

After all of these steps are completed, you'll be offered an Affiliate invitation.

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