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Learn To Care For Your Natural Curls

Why so dry? Take our hair quiz to determine if porosity is affecting your moisture levels. Porosity is a measure of how well your hair absorbs and retains moisture. Knowing your porosity is key to kicking dryness out of your life! Discover your porosity once and for all!


Hair quiz


Apply Nourish, Enrich and Pumpkin during wash day post-shampoo on water-saturated hair that's still dripping water while still in the shower! It’s the ideal time for Nourish, Enrich, Pumpkin and water to actually penetrate hair! This is the first step to getting lasting moisture with strength and growth!

Ingredients matter! Be in the know about our plant-powered ingredients!


Nourish is ideal for:

✅intense moisture for coarse, 4C, high porosity or damaged textures and

✅deep conditioning pre or post-shampoo or pre or post-protective styling.

Heat or steam will intensify the effect. Oprah Magazine named Nourish top 19 in 4C hair care!

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Enrich Moisturizer Styler Moisture

 Enrich is ideal for:

✅weightless moisturizing and detangling for all textures with low to medium porosity and

✅versatile styling for wash and goes, twist outs, flexirods, curlformers and more.

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 Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil Growth Serum Growth

Pumpkin is ideal for:

✅weightless sealing for all textures and porosities,

✅nutritious treatments for hair and scalp, and

✅longer, stronger and nourished hair.

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Always apply products to manageable sections of hair while keeping other sections clipped or loosely twisted and out of the way. This will prevent shrinkage and re-tangling.

Shingle or finger comb products from roots to tips section-by-section to ensure complete coverage. Always detangle with water and product-saturated hair starting at the ends and working up to the roots.

Either air, diffuse or blow dry. If air drying, resist the temptation to touch your luscious curls. You'll cause unnecessary frizz! If diffusing dry, hang upside down and target the roots first. Then, the mid-lengths, then the ends. Once dry, gently fluff targeting the roots. If blow drying, dry in sections.

Always protect your hair by covering or wrapping pineappled hair nightly with silk or satin.

Trim ends every 4-6 weeks.

Use clarifying shampoo as needed if using silicones or heavy products or if experiencing product buildup. Otherwise products won't be able to penetrate hair and hair will act dry and frizzy. 

Did you know?

In healthy individuals, hair grows on average 1/2 inch per month and sheds on average 50-100 hairs per day.

Length retention is the accumulation of new growth + existing length. If you feel your hair isn't gaining length evaluate your overall hair care regimen to identify the actual causes. As hair is nonessential to life, it's one of the last parts of your body to receive nutrition.

Shrinkage actually indicates your hair is healthy and has great elasticity!

Hair growth occurs over 3 distinct phases: anagen (active phase), catagen (transitional phase) and telogen (resting phase).