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eBook: 4C Slay 10 Easy Steps To Lasting Moisture And Hydration™️

$19.00 USD

eBook: 4C Slay 10 Easy Steps To Lasting Moisture And Hydration™️ by Angela Fields, CurlyCoilyTresses®️ Brand Owner.

Oprah Magazine named our Nourish Treatment Masque top 19 in 4C hair care!

Available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback!

When Angela started transitioning to her natural textured hair, she was experiencing an increasingly dryer texture. And like so many others, she was incredibly frustrated! As she is allergic to so many things, including fragrances, her product options were very limited. 

Out of complete frustration from such limited alternatives, Angela started buying raw ingredients and making products right in her own kitchen. She tried different formulations until she identified what truly worked. Then, she realized using the products in different ways had substantially different results. Through trial and error, Angela identified the optimal product selection and the optimal product use.

And, she's sharing her proven strategies with you! So, say bye, bye to dry and hello to moisture! She will teach you how to get lasting moisture even days after wash day! Get ready to slay every day!

Table of Contents

1. Stying products

2. Wrapping, covering and protecting

3. Product penetration

4. pH (potential of hydrogen)

5. Porosity

6. Co-washing and shampooing

7. Protein

8. Detangling

9. Shedding and hair loss

10. Growth and length retention