Man Cave


Enrich full ingredient list: Purified water, cetearyl alcohol, organic coconut oil, hydrolyzed oat protein, sodium lactate, gluconolactone, organic avocado oil, organic babassu oil, behentrimonium methosulfate, organic cupuacu butter, organic macadamia oil, organic olive oil, organic sweet almond oil, and sodium benzoate.

Pumpkin full ingredient list: 100% Organic pumpkin seed oil.

Our Enrich and Pumpkin story: You're a man's man, right? The kinda guy who loves to kick back in his man cave and enjoy time with your boys while you watch the game and enjoy a beer. As a man's man isn't afraid to dig into products and spend some time on grooming. 

The only problem is that the products you've used over the years don't seem to work these days. The formulas have been diluted, ingredients cheapened, and fragrances added that leave an overwhelming trail of scent behind you when you walk into the room.

All you're looking for is a product that does what it says it's gonna do and doesn't over power you with scent or underwhelm you with the formula.

The Man Cave here at CurlyCoilyTresses was created especially for a man like you. With Enrich Moisturizer and Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil you can manage your hair and scalp health and enjoy smooth, nourished hair.

Enrich is pH-balanced with ultra-nourishing plant-powered botanical oils and butters that infuse dry, porous strands with emollience and hydration. Enrich contains hydrolyzed oat protein which softens and smooths strands by film-forming, adsorbing to hair (yup, that’s correct, adsorbing), reducing friction and serving as a moisture-enhancing humectant resulting in reduced breakage and shedding and enhanced luster. 

Enrich also contains an incredibly mild conditioning agent. Safe enough even for babies. And, no harsh preservatives. Only a food grade preservative.

Pumpkin seed oil is a pH-balanced powerhouse of nutrition with fatty acids, vitamins A and E, and zinc and magnesium. Pumpkin oil supports a healthy scalp and hair by infusing dry, porous strands with emollience and hydration. 

Pumpkin is great for those with oilier skins as it helps in balancing excess oil production. Pumpkin is helpful for those with sensitive skin, excess shedding and hair loss. And, it also helps with scalp flaking and irritation.

Ready to indulge yourself and look good with just two simple products. Use Enrich and Pumpkin on your hair, your skin, and even your beard! Now we only have one question left, how many bottles do you need today? Click above to order yours now.

Enrich directions for safe use: Generously apply to freshly cleansed, conditioned hair saturated or damp with water (depending on desired finished style). Encourage Enrich to melt into hair. May air or heat dry. May also be used to re-moisturize dry hair.

Pumpkin directions for safe use: Sparingly apply to freshly cleansed scalp to provide intense nutrition.

Enrich and Pumpkin safety: Keep out of reach of children except under adult supervision. Avoid eye contact. For external use only. Do not ingest. Conduct patch test before using. Discontinue use if allergy or irritation occurs and consult a physician. Finish Enrich within 9 months of opening and Pumpkin within 24 months of opening. Pumpkin may be refrigerated after opening to extend shelf life, Use as directed. Contains nut and seed derived ingredients. Pumpkin may stain light colored fabrics.