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While it just may be fragrance to others, for us it's the cause of headaches, dizzy spells and worse. We totally understand!

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No phthalates, sulfates, parabens, dyes, drying alcohols, harsh preservatives, masking agents, essential oils, fragrances or formaldehyde.

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Angela Fields, our Creator and CEO

Angela's why, her story in her own words

I want to tell you about this because I know you want the same most-amazing-self that I want, but without the fragrance headaches and debilitating reactions. Am I talking to the right crowd? Do you know what I mean?

We all know our natural hair texture is drier than our chemically-relaxed texture. And we all know it’s more fragile too! But we all want and deserve soft, defined and moisturized curls! Just like everyone else! But without the side dish of fragrance.

But I couldn't find products like that. Can you? And washing your hair with soap doesn't count!

Angela Fields CurlyCoilyTresses brand owner