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About | CurlyCoilyTresses®️

Our Brand

Inclusive and clean natural hair care brand offering products targeting the biggest struggles in the natural hair community including dryness, shedding and breakage.

Using proven ingredients including powerful humectants, authentic, organic and nutrient rich oils and butters and mild conditioners to deeply moisturize and hydrate natural hair.

Founder, Angela Fields

You’re in the right place if you want hair that looks and remains healthy from wash to wash!

Natural hair care should be an uplifting and confidence building environment with clean and safe options leaving you feeling and looking remarkable. 

I’m Angela Fields, Founder of CurlyCoilyTresses®️.

I had chemical relaxer on my face!

The licensed cosmetologist dropped her brush and spilled relaxer on my face.

And she didn't use neutralizing shampoo over the entire, affected area!

I had to undergo chemical burn treatment with silvadene cream. BTW, silvadene can't be exposed to sunlight and must be covered in bandages.

If I hadn't yet realized the dangers of chemical relaxers this should've been a wake up call.

I've had chemical burns on my scalp before. It feels like slices when washed, then oozes, crusts over and eventually heals, over a 5-7 day period. 

Not true for the face!

I know better now.

But I hesitated making the transition to natural hair as I was anxious about styling and caring for my natural hair. 

Just like you, all I knew was hot pressing combs and chemical relaxers. And jheri curls, I’d forgotten about those years.

If I was this anxious, others were too.

To get all the feels of safe moisture and hydration join us.

Our products

Specially formulated to address the biggest struggles in the natural hair community: dryness, shedding and breakage!

✔️ Powerful humectants infuse twice the moisture by bonding to hair and grabbing and retaining water in hair!

✔️ Authentic, organic and nutrient rich oils and butters revitalize and renew hydration, strength and length with phytosterols, antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamins!

✔️ Mild conditioners restore softness and definition!

✔️ Free of fragrances, essential oils and harsh and harmful ingredients!

In the headlines with Oprah

Oprah Magazine: Nourish Treatment Masque is "Top 19 in 4C hair care"!

CurlyCoilyTresses Oprah Magazine mention
CurlyCoilyTresses NaturallyCurly mention

In the headlines with NaturallyCurly

NaturallyCurly: CurlyCoilyTresses®️ is a "Top 50 Black owned brand"!

Our no, nah, nope, no way, certainly not list

Ingredients we've deemed unsafe and simply avoid:

❌Fragrances: fragrance allergy affects 2-11% of the general population

❌Essential oils: concentrated, aromatic, volatile liquids distilled from plants, are complex and potentially unpredictable substances which means they have the ability to trigger irritations or contact allergies despite being "natural"

❌Masking agents: chemicals, usually fragrances, used to alter or neutralize scents

❌Harsh preservatives: examples are parabens, formaldehyde, isothiazolinones, phenoxyethanol, dimethyl imidazoldinedione (also known as DMDM hydantoin) and imodiazolidinyl / diazolidinyl urea

❌Drying alcohols: examples are ethanol, ethyl, denatured, isopropyl, SD and benzyl alcohols and methanol

❌Non-water soluble silicones: propensity to build up on hair

❌Dyes: can cause issues for those with allergies or sensitivities

❌Sodium lauryl sulfates (SLS) / sodium laureth sulfates (SLES): harsh detergents, foaming agents and emulsifiers which keep oils and water mixed

❌Ethanolamine compounds (diethanolamine (DEA), triethanolamine (TEA) and monoethnanolamine (MEA): DEA is an emulsifier in shampoos, cleaners, and detergents, TEA is used as fragrance, pH adjuster and emulsifying agent, and MEA is used in the production of detergents, emulsifiers and polishes all are cancer-causing, and

❌Phthlates: chemicals that make plastic soft and flexible, examples are  dibutylphthalate (DBP), dimethylphthalate (DMP) and diethylphthalate (DEP), used to reduce brittleness, cracking and stiffness in beauty products

What's on your no, nah, nope, no way, certainly not list?

CurlyCoilyTresses toxic ingredients